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Adoption Law is normally regulated by the states in which the parent and child live. It covers the process in which a legal parent-child relationship is created between individuals who are not biologically the parent and the child. During this process the biological parent gives up all parental obligations and rights, which are then assumed by the adoptive parent(s).

Appellate procedure consists of the rules and practices by which appellate courts review trial court judgments. Appellate review performs several functions, including: the correction of errors committed by the trial court, development of the law, achieving a uniform approach across courts, and the pursuit of justice, more generally.

Aviation law governs the operation of aircraft and the maintenance of aviation facilities. Both federal and state governments have enacted statutes and created administrative agencies to regulate air traffic.

Bankruptcy is the judicial proceeding under federal law by which a person or corporation unable to pay its debts can have the debts adjusted and get a fresh start.

Business Law applies to the rights, relations and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade and sales. In recent years this body of law has been codified in the Uniform Commercial Code, which has been almost universally adopted by the states

Civil Rights The area of law dealing with those rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, including the right to due process, equal treatment under the law of all people regarding enjoyment of life, liberty, property, and protection. Positive civil rights include the right to vote, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a democratic society, such as equal access to public schools, recreation, transportation, public facilities, and housing, and equal and fair treatment by law enforcement and the courts.

Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, commerce, and consumer transactions. The Uniform Commercial Code, which has been substantially adopted as statutory law in nearly every state, governs numerous areas of commercial law.

Construction law is the area of law concerning contract disputes, general contractor and subcontractor issues, substantial performance issues, arbitration, insurance, payment disputes, risk management and mechanical liens.

Contract law is the law that governs contracts. A contract can take several forms - it can be written on a piece of paper (or napkin, even) or it can be just a verbal agreement if it satisfies the Statute of Frauds. Contract law covers the legal implications of a contract.

Corporate law specializes in handling legal matters concerning corporations rather than individuals. Examples would be disputes centering around business relationships

CRIMINAL LAW The branch of law that deals with crimes (public wrongs) such as robbery, burglary, forgery, homicide, etc.

DIVORCE AND FAMILY LAW Specialty of law also called domestic relations law or family; concerned with such subjects as divorce, separation, paternity, custody, support, child care, and adoption.

DUI/DWI covers offenses committed by one accused of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs. Traffic law is the area of law pertaining to traffic violations and the rules of conduct to promote the safe and orderly flow of traffic

EDUCATION LAW Promotes the interest in and understanding of the legal framework of education and the rights of students, parents, school boards and school employees

ELDER LAW Broad area of law dealing with the elderly and issues of Medicaid,Medicare claims and appeals, Social security and disability claims and appeals, supplemental and long term health insurance issues, disability planning, including use of durable powers of attorney, living trusts, "living wills," for financial management and health care decisions, and other means of delegating management and decision-making to another in case of incompetency or incapacity, long-term care placements in nursing home and life care communities, nursing home issues including questions of patients' rights and nursing home quality, elder abuse and fraud recovery cases

GUARDIANSHIP / CONSERVATORSHIP The law presumes that every adult is capable of making his or her own decisions, unless a court determines otherwise. If an adult is incapable of making responsible decisions due to a mental disability, a court has the power to appoint a substitute decision maker called a "guardian" sometimes called a "conservator". Guardianship is a court-supervised legal relationship between a competent adult (the "guardian") and a person who not able to take care of his or her own affairs. The Guardian can be responsible for the food, housing, health care, and other necessities of the person.

IMMIGRATION Area of law speciatizing in helping those coming into the country obtain permanent residence status.
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INSURANCE Area of law covering issues related to insurance such as insurance claims being denied, being inadequately paid for a claim, if an insurer falsely claims a pre-existing condition.

INTERNATIONAL LAW The law that governs and determines the rights of independent nations during peace or war, the laws of nations.

LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT Area of law regarding employment status, and difficulties that arise in the workplace such as wrongful dismissal, being unfairly disciplined or demoted, or sexual harassment.

Landlord-tenant law governs the relationships between an owner, or landlord, of a home and the person who is renting the home as a residence - the tenant. The law covers both residential and commercial property.

LITIGATION Area of law that deals with the process of courts resolving disputes

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE In order to recover for negligent malpractice the plaintiff must establish the existence of the physicians duty to the plaintiff based upon the doctor-patient relationship, violation of the applicable standard of care, a compensable injury and a causal connection between the violation and the harm

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Area of law that deals with the aquiring of smaller companies by larger companies or the joining of two or more companies into one.

PERSONAL INJURY Physical harm to an individual, as through disease, bodily injury or death.

PRODUCTS LIABILITY The liability, usualy of manufacturers for damge caused by defects in their products

Professional liability area of law for the plaintiff and defendant concerning licensed professionals.

REAL ESTATE Land and anything permanently affixed to the land such as buildings, fences etc. Hadles the purchase and sale of real estate property

SECURITIES Area of law that focuses on security regulations including finance, banking and business organizations.

TAXATION Area of law specializing in problems with both personal and business taxes.

TOXIC TORTS Area of law specializing in helping those exposed to hazardous substances such as asbestos, DDT and other toxic materials

TRANSPORTATION Area of law specializing in the movement of goods or persons from one place to another by a carrier.

TRUSTS AND ESTATES Area of law specializing in the protection of assets upon death.

WILLS, ESTATES, TRUSTS AND PROBATE The law of trusts and estates is the body of law which governs the management of personal affairs and the disposition of property of an individual in anticipation of the event of such person's incapacity or death.
Are of law specializing in wills, inheritance issues such as not receiving an inheritance you believe you are entitled to.

WORKERS COMPENSATION State and Federal statutes which provide for fixed awards to employees or their dependents in cas of employment related accidents and diseases

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Social Security
Will and Probate
Worker's Comp
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